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David Austin Rose List for 2021

David Austin Rose List for 2021

Announcing our 2021 David Austin Rose inventory!

This year, because of covid issues, the DA company cannot supply us with our normal order. We will order from another wholesaler with a reduced amount of roses available and an increase in pricing. We will have 150 DA roses delivered at the end of April. They will arrive in 3 gallon pots growing and in bloom for sale and pickup.  

You may pre-order and we will save your rose for pickup when our order arrives.  

Here are the varieties and the numbers we will be receiving. Order early if you want to be sure of receiving that special rose. 

We will have lots of other inventory in 3 gallon pots and a wonderful selection of year old roses for your shopping pleasure.

New pricing $59.95

(10) Emily Bronte (Grafted) 

(10) The Mill on the Floss (Own-Root)

(10) Abraham Darby (Own-Root)

(5) Benjamin Britten (Own-Root)

(10) Boscobel (Own-Root)

(10) Carding Mill (Own-Root)

(5) Darcey Bussell (Own-Root)

(5) Desdemona (Own-Root)

(25) Lady of Shallot (Own-Root)

(10) Olivia Rose Austin (Own-Root)

(5) Princess Alexandra of Kent (Own-Root)

(10) Queen of Sweden (Own-Root)

(5) Roald Dahl (Own-Root)

(5) Sophy’s Rose (Own-Root) 

(5) Winchester Cathedral (Own-Root)

(5) Strawberry Hill (Own-Root)

(5) Teasing Georgia (Own-Root)

(5) Tranquility (Own-Root)

(5) Wollerton Old Hall (Own-Root)

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