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Fall Planted Bulbs List

Fall Planted Bulbs List

List of bulbs we planted in the Display Garden this fall, October 2020. 
We try to add bulbs to the fall garden every year. There is plenty to do in the display garden and nursery in the fall but I always regret it if I do not add new bulbs to the garden. In the fall we carry a good supply of fall bulbs for our customers and a few special varieties for us. We always add bulb food to the planting hole, read the directions for each bulb so you plant at an appropriate depth and planting bulbs in swaths or grouping is the best way to display them. Here is what we planted in the display garden this fall. Ask about a special variety you are searching for. 
 Mt Everest
 Pink Jewel
 Purple Sensation
 Mixed variety
  Apricot Impression
  Eye Catcher
  Prince Mix
  Purple Dream
  Negrita Parrot
  Whispering Dream
  Garden Fire (red) 
Galanthus  Flore Pleno
Narcisiss - Mixed varieties


globe allium in spokane

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