Clematis Paul Farge

Paul Farge also is known as Summer Snow resembles Sweet Autumn with clusters of 1" white flowers with yellow stamens. It grows vigorously, give it plenty of room, to 20 to 25 feet. It grows in our garden on one of our arches, and two sections of our pergola. Sometimes we prune it back to old wood, and sometimes we don't get it pruned before it starts blooming in the spring. It takes off quickly in the spring and once it leafs out there is a short space of time before it begins to blooms with its charming little white flowers. It doesn't seem to matter what pruning method you use, it grows vigorously and blooms all season. It often tries to take over our arch or even cover the walkway to our pergola but a quick pruning keeps it in check and it continues to grow and bloom on new wood. 

Available for in-store purchase. We usually carry this plant. Please call for availability.

  • Also known as Summer Snow or Fargesoides
  • Any pruning method is suitable
  • Zone 3 hardy
  • 1 gallon size