Fairytale Dried Flower Garland

Join Beth Mort from Snapdragon Flower Farm at the Rosarium!

Sunday Sept 8, 2024 at 1:00


Learn to create sparkly strands of dried flowers to use as a delicate garland or create gorgeous mobiles. Dried flower garlands level up the aesthetic for events and weddings in any season, and also make the most beautiful gifts. This is a great way to use the bits and pieces of dried flowers that naturally shed or break when working with full dried stems. We will discuss the types of dried flowers and best techniques in drying flowers while we make these fairytale worthy strands of blooms and pods. All materials and tools are supplied in class and you will leave with several long garlands or multiple strands to attach to foraged branches to make a decorative mobile.

Location: 9405 S. Williams Lane, Spokane