Geranium, Hardy Rozanne

One of our all time favorite plants, we know many of our customers are growing Rozanne in their landscapes. We do highly recommend as a top notch plant for your garden. The bloom is about 1 inch across and a violet-blue that goes well with every other plant in the garden. THE BEST PART ABOUT THIS PERENNIAL IS THATĀ IIT BLOOMS ALL SEASON. Not many perennials meet the criteria of blooming from early spring to frost. It creates a mound of foliage and flowers that can be easily pruned throughout the season. Some years it gets quite large and will lay about on other plants but no problem just give it a haircut and it will continue to grow and bloom. We grow it as hedging and in amongst our roses throughout the gardenĀ 

3 to 4 feet tall and wide

Zone 4 hardy

Continuous non stop bloom from spring to fall.

Shop the garden center for this plant and many other perennials.Ā