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Hydrangea "Annabelle"

Annabelle is considered a smooth hydrangea, blooms in mid summer and throughout the fall with large white clusters of bloom. The plant blooms on new wood so you can prune hard in the spring, even cutting the plant to the ground. If you don't hard prune do still clean up by cutting out any dead wood. The blooms start around mid-summer and will last on into the fall. It makes a striking plant in the landscape. There are many new arborescens cultivars but Annabelle is still a popular shrub for the landscape. Not fussy about soil type, will do well in all but full shade, but can tolerate full sun and I have never noticed any disease or pests our our plant in the garden. 

4 to 5 Feet tall and wide

Zone 5 to 9

Full sun to partial shade

Annabelle' is a naturally occurring cultivar which was discovered in the wild near Anna, Illinois.