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Lady Emma Hamilton (AUSbrother) (Grafted)

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Place an order for this rose only if you are able to pickup at the garden center. If you are wanting a rose shipped to your location please go to www.northlandrosarium.com

Only available in grafted form this season. 

A variety of rather unusual coloring for an English Rose, but very pleasing and useful for creating a little excitement in the border. Before the flowers even begin to open, the outside of the buds are a most wonderful dark red with dashes of orange. When fully open, the flowers have an attractive, incurving chalice shape. Their coloring was new to the English Roses: a lovely mixture of rich, almost tangerine orange on the inside of the petals and a more yellow orange on the outside; the whole set off against the very dark, bronzy green, polished leaves that slowly become dark green with age. The flowers have a strong, delicious, fruity fragrance with hints of pear, grape and citrus fruits. Their color varies a little according to the season, gradually changing as more of the inner petals are exposed to create a wonderful contrast. It flowers freely and remains healthy.(David Austin Roses)

  • Shrub
  • 4 X 4 
  • Strong fragrance
  • Zone 5
  • Available for pickup at the garden center in 3 gallon pot.