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Lonicera Honeysuckle "Mint Crisp"

This Variegated Honeysuckle offers cream and green leaves with touches of pink in cool weather. The blooms are eye catching, opening pure white and then maturing through shades of cream into a delicate pale yellow. Ultra-fragrant, they remain for an exceptionally long season even into fall on this vigorous climber. Find a vertical support or garden building to blanket or a fence to weave with soft color, and let 'Mint Crisp' loose in the sunny garden! Give it plenty of room as it can grow from 10 to 30 feet.

Deer and rabbits don’t seem particularly interested in this vine, making it a good choice for open settings as well as the border, and all it needs is sunshine and well-drained soil. It does need an annual prune, for it is massive and does best when sheared in late winter for fresh season's growth.

Zones 4-9

1 Gallon Pot