Lunar Mist

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A sport from the very popular Colette, Lunar Mist has the same old fashioned double bloom in a soft yellow. Tough and hardy this rose is reported to be hardy to zone 2b and we don't know about that level of hardiness but is has grown in our area in a zone 4b climate very successfully.  It can also be grown as a large shrub. Very rugged like its parent, but with a delicate soft yellow, it will perform well in all different climates and landscape situations.

Testimonial from a good customer: I am thrilled to have this rose again.  As a testament to it’s hardiness, my first one didn’t get planted, was left outside when we got a heavy snowfall that year, then was lost in a windstorm.  I found it 2 years later in a pile of debris, most of the pot and soil gone, and the roots looked dried up.  I planted it anyway, and it quickly shot up canes and grew 7-8 ft. before voles got it along with every rose around the perimeter of the veggie garden.  I’m sorry if I’m repeating that story, but it shows how tough it is and eager to grow, even though the blooms look delicate.  Andrea F. 

Thank you to Kent and Cecelia Zwick for the photo. 

  • Climbing Rose (MEIjacolet)
  • 15 to 20 feet possible
  • Spicy Fragrance 
  • Disease resistant
  • Zone 2b reported hardiness 
  • 4 X 6 inch pot (own-root)