Sambucus (Elderberry) 'Lemony Lace'

You will find Elderberry native in many parts of the country and we have them in abundance in our Inland Northwest area. The plants you will find in Garden Centers however have been hybridized to have unusual leaf colors and shapes. The plants flower in the spring with clusters of white or pink blooms, then black, red or white fruit follows. Sambucus form and leaf colors come in a variety of shape and colors but they are fast growing, hardy, drought tolerant, disease and insect resistant, deer resistant, overall a wonderful shrub in your garden. Here is just a sampling of what we will be carrying in our garden center this season.

Perhaps you already have plenty of purple leafed plants in your garden but still need something with the outstanding attributes of Sambucus. How about Sambucus ‘Lemony Lace’, the deeply cut, soft lacy leaves of bright green and gold keep their color right thru the summer and then produce red berries that the birds love in the fall. The bloom in the spring is white but it is the beautiful foliage that makes this shrub outstanding in the garden. This is wonderful hardy problem free shrub that grows to manageable size of 3 to 5 feet tall and wide. Also hardy to zone 4 to 7.