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Tracy Jo

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Order this rose anytime and pickup at the garden center when we open in April. 

Hybridized by local Spokane gardener, Ed Odegaard. A striking and colorful shrub with orange/pink, double blooms. Very prolific bloomer, and the blooms are a blend of oranges, fushia pink with a blush of yellow. Myrrh fragrance. The bush is 4 X 4 and the foliage is shiny green and healthy. I can pick this rose out even when it is not in bloom due the extremely shiny green foliage. This rose has grown in a zone 4 area where Ed lives and has his hybridizing operation, and it has grown in our zone 5 garden for several years. This rose loves the sun and will not bloom as well in a area with shade. 

  • 4 X 4 Feet
  • Continuous Bloom
  • Moderate Fragrance
  • 2013
  • Zone 4b
  • 4 X 6 inch pot