Winnipeg Parks (Canadian)

Place an order for this rose anytime and pick up at the garden center when we open in April. We do not ship our roses. 

We have been growing this wonderful rose in our garden for 20 plus years. The bright pink bloom have 22 petals and a florescent shade of pink that grabs your attention. The bush has continuous bloom throughout the season and nice dark green foliage to set off the bright blooms. It has been a healthy rose in our garden, and I have often thought it would make an outstanding hedge. We have single bush just inside our first arbor, what a nice way to welcome people to our garden. 

(Quote from customer) > Hi Carol…Barbara and I have thought of writing you and your whole gang for some time about what has become one of our favorite roses. I think this is the second season for the Winnipeg Park roses (4) we planted just under the edge of our back porch. Even in the serious heat we’ve had this summer in SW Idaho they continue to amaze. Barbara often cuts a few buds and brings them in. After nearly fifty years of growing roses she very often mentions her amazement of the color and shape of the blossoms on Winnipeg. D.W. SW Idaho

  • Canadian Rose/Shrub Rose
  • 3.5 Feet High and 3.5 Feet Wide¬†
  • Continuous Bloom
  • Mild¬†Fragrance
  • 1981
  • Zone 2b
  • 4 X 6 inch pot (own-root)