We are roses and so much more! We boast a 2.5 acre manicured Display Garden, year-round greenhouses, master gardener-trained staff, educational seminars, and local events. For over 20 years we have carried everything to make your home and garden look its best. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find the supplies perfect for any project. We strive to provide you with the highest quality of plants, tools, fertilizers, soil amendments, and garden art - and we are always available to track down that special plant for you!

Carol & Terry Newcomb

Owners of the Rosarium Garden Center

Carol became a Master Gardener in Bonner County and completed her horticulture degree in Spokane. Terry is a chief financial officer in the timber industry. Carol and Terry purchased the Rosarium in 2005 and transformed it into a full service garden center. They created the Display Garden which now has over 2,000 roses and unique features. Growing plants has been a lifelong love for the Newcombs and continues to this day.

Among her many favorites, Carol recommends the hardy Canadian Roses such as Emily Carr, John Davis, and William Baffin. Carol's tip for growing roses is starting with a healthy environment using organics. During her many years of gardening, she has seen the greatest return in using organics, especially the Rosarium organic custom fertilizer.

Kathy Hoob

Garden Center Team Manager

Kathy acknowledges her love of gardening took hold during her primary school years as she picked vegetables for meals and cut roses for bouquets in her grandma's picket-fenced garden. As a hairdresser and then a grocery store owner for 34 years Kathy sincerely loves to provide individualized customer service. Kathy has the horticulture certificate from Master Gardeners and is beginning her fifth year in fulfilling her lifelong dream of working in a specialized garden center.

Kathy's favorites include Grandma's Blessing (rose), Garden Phlox (perennial), Calycanthus Aphrodite (shrub), and the Hula Hoe (to grub out those pesky weeds!)

Sabrina Denton

Sabrina worked as a bank employee for over 25 years and was proud of the excellent customer service she was able to provide. As a child in grade school, she created a report on the anatomy of a flower and realized she had a life-long passion for flowers and plants. She received the horticultural certificate from the Master Gardener program. Sabrina has enjoyed being part of the Rosarium team and giving great customer service for the last 7 years.

Sabrina's favorite rose is Raspberry Cream because of the mix of colors. She loves conifers and ferns and light-weight gloves for summer!

Pat Yokell

Pat has loved to garden since she was a little girl. She grew up and raised her family with her husband in the Northeast. Ten years ago, she retired to Spokane and has spent her time learning about and growing plants native to this region. She has worked at the Rosarium for eight years. “This is the best, post-retirement job anyone could ever want: I literally get to smell the roses every day, work and chat with customers who love plants as much as I do, and I continue to learn each day about the best plants to grow here!”

Pat's favorite roses are Gertrude Jekyll (extremely fragrant) and Tracy Jo (very vibrant orange and deep pink colors). Her favorite shrub is Daphne, which blooms from spring to fall and is fragrant. Her favorite perennial is Echinacea.

Kathy Schultheis

Kath has been gardening since she was 6 years old when gardening meant weeding dandelions for a penny in her parent's yard. By profession Kath is a Landscape Architect, licensed in Washington and Idaho, with a degree in Landscape Architecture from WSU and over 38 years of landscape architectural design and project management experience in the Spokane area. As an avid gardener Kath is delighted to be a part of the Rosarium Team giving her the chance to be immersed in the plant nursery trade and help fellow gardeners (and weeders).

Kath’s current favorites include Grandma’s Blessing (rose), Helianthemum (perennial), Lil’ Miss Sunshine Caryopteris (shrub) and a big rubber tub with handles (for collecting many weeds).

Jim King

Growing up in an agricultural area of the San Joaquin Valley in Central California set the stage for a life full of plants for Jim. He remembers his fascination with planting zinnia, carrot, and radish seeds and watching them grow with amazing speed! Since then, college in Oregon and Spokane and Jim's experience working at numerous nurseries in Spokane and Seattle (including Molbak's, Ritter's, and Judy's) have deepened his addiction to plants. "Yes, I am a plant-a-holic of the first degree," Jim admits.

Jim's favorites include Carding Mill (rose), Lemon Queen Heleopsis (perennial), Golden Spirit Smoke Bush (shrub), and the Hori Hori knife for a gardening tool.

Ethan Johnson

Ethan’s earliest memories are from his parents’ vegetable garden, sitting on their lap, learning what was a weed and what was a vegetable in Colville, Washington. He has been an avid gardener ever since. Working with the team at the Rosarium Garden Center is a dream come true for Ethan, and he appreciates the opportunity to learn from his colleagues and fellow gardeners.

Ethan’s favorite rose is the Lady of Shalott (David Austin Rose), because it is a, “devastatingly beautiful rose that is easy to grow!” His favorite perennials are delphiniums and bell flowers. He is also fond of foxgloves (biannual), and would be lost without his hand pruners and a trowel.

Andrew Smith

Andrew’s passion for gardening and friendly demeanor have allowed him to gain a lifetime of experiences in the field. From tending the roses on Rose Hill at Manito Park for 8 years right out of high school, learning from some of the most experienced gardeners in the community, to becoming the lead gardener at The Rosarium Garden Center for 8 more years. More recently, he became the owner of Northland Rosarium Mail-Order, proving his desire to become an integral part of the rose loving community, and reach people nationwide to share his love for roses.

Andrew’s favorite rose is Sedona, with such a wonderful scent and full, orange blooms, just like the sands in Arizona. He claims he couldn’t do his job without good pruners and prefers Felco 2’s for their lifelong durability.