Ramblin' Red

You may order this rose anytime and pickup at the garden center when we open in April.  We do not ship our roses. 

This large-flowered climbing rose has done well in our zone 5 garden. Our 3 year old plant had clusters of large dark red blooms all season. In fact I just took a photo, November 3rd and the plant still had a nice cluster of blooms. 35 petals to one bloom and they generally appear in clusters. 

The breeder of this rose is Bill Radler, the same person who hybridized the rose Knock Out. You know the reputation for bloom power that it has, Ramblin Red is a non stop bloomer also. 
The plant had no disease in our garden and the foliage is dark and glossy green. We are looking forward to seeing what it does this season as it has reached the top of our 6 foot fence.
  • Climbing Rose (RADramblin)
  • 8 to 10 Feet High
  • Continuous Bloom
  • Light fragrance
  • Zone 3b 
  • 3 gallon pot (own-root)