Sunny Sky

Place an order for this rose anytime and pick it up at the garden center when we open in April. We do not ship our roses. 

 A hardy yellow hybrid tea from the Kordes family. Not only hardy to zone 5 but with exceptional disease resistance. This rose has won several international awards. We will be trialing in our gardens this summer, stop by to see it in bloom. Though this rose is listed as having a light fragrance here is what the Kordes website says about the fragrance. 

"The fragrance of the Sunny Sky rose blends all the fruity scents of summer and early fall with a classic rose perfume. The top note is lemony citrus, followed by a combination of green apple, pear, and peach which ripen into sweetness as the blossom matures, finishing with the aroma of dried apricot blended with a classic rose scent."
  • Hybrid Tea (KORaruli) 
  • 4 Feet High X 3 Feet Wide
  • Good Repeat Bloom
  • Moderate Fragrance
  • 2012
  • Zone 5
  • 4 X 6 inch pot (own-root)
  • 3 gallon pot (own-root)