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Claire Austin (AUSprior) Climbing/Shrub Rose

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 Place an order for this rose only if you are able to pickup at the garden center. If you are wanting a rose shipped to your location please go to www.northlandrosarium.com 

Cupped buds of a pale lemon shade that open to a creamy white that have a very delicate appearance. When we observed the blooms in our garden last year they seemed almost like parchment. A strong myrrh fragrance with a touch of vanilla. The plant is an arching bush and can be used as a climbing rose. Tie up the canes to a support structure to encourage this rose as a climbing rose. Disease resistant.

  • Climbing 
  •  8 Feet Tall X 4 Feet Wide or 4 X 4 Shrub Rose 
  • Repeat Blooming
  • Strong Myrrh Fragrance
  • Zone: 5 to 8
  • Available for pickup at the garden center in a 5 gallon pot