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Rosa glauca (rubrifolia)

We will be updating the inventory numbers for spring of 2019.

Rosa glauca is a species rose that is native to central and southern Europe. The foliage is glaucous purple and blooms in the spring with single pink flowers that literally cover the bush. Many people consider the gray green/purple foliage to be the roses best feature as it is a standout rose in the landscape. In the fall it the bush is covered in red rose hips and the bush itself makes a wonderful bird sanctuary. We have two of these plants in our garden, one has been in the garden for about 25 years and is very large and the second grows at our nursery entrance and though a young plant it is very attractive with the gray green foliage, wonderful pink bloom in the spring and in the fall the leaves change to a vibrant yellow and the bush is covered in red hips. 

We highly recommend this rose. 

  • Species Rose
  • 10 Feet Tall and Wide and possibly larger
  • Fragrant 
  • Zone 2 to 8
  • 4 X 6 inch pot