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Teasing Georgia

Order this rose anytime and pick it up at the garden center after we open in April. We do not ship our roses. 

A yellow rose of delicate beauty; the flowers are of a particularly pleasing cupped formation. The center petals are in the form of a rich, deep yellow cup, while the outer petals fall back and fade to the palest yellow providing a most pleasing, two-tone effect. The growth is strong but graceful, displaying the flowers nicely. Pleasant, medium-strong Tea Rose fragrance. Good disease-resistance and repeat-flowering. Can grow to 8 feet in warmer climates. Grows at the entrance to our garden center is always an eye-catcher. 

  • English Climbing/Shrub Rose  (AUSbaker)
  • Climber/Shrub
  • 8 Feet if trained as a climber, 4 to 5 Feet as a shrub rose
  • Good Repeat Bloom
  • Strong Fragrance 
  • Zone 5
  • 3-gallon pot pickup at nursery at the end of April. (own-root)