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Young Lycidas (AUSvibrant) (Grafted)

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Place an order for this rose only if you are able to pickup at the garden center. If you are wanting a rose shipped to your location please go to www.northlandrosarium.com
 A new rose for us this season. In GRAFTED form only.  
This is a variety of classic Old Rose beauty. The flowers are quite large and deeply cupped even when fully open; the many petals arranged in a charming, rather informal way. Their color is new to English Roses; a blend of very deep magenta, pink and red – the outer petals tending towards light purple – although this is in contrast to the outside of the petals, which are quite silvery in appearance. The flowers nod gracefully and are produced singly or in small groups on vigorous stems. There is a delicious fragrance that changes markedly with the age of the flower, starting as a pure tea scent and changing to a blend of tea and Old Rose, with intriguing hints of cedar wood.
Awarded first prize for fragrance at the 29 Barcelona Trials.
(David Austin roses) 
  • Only available grafted/budded this season.
  • Shrub
  • 4 X 4 feet
  • Moderate to strong fragrance
  • Zone 5
  • Available for pickup at the garden center in 3 gallon pot