Growing Blueberries with Lauri Williams

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Lauri Williams from Pleasant Prairie Blueberry Farm in Northeast Spokane

Sunday April 7, 2024

1:00 - 2:00 pm

We are excited to have Lauri as she is a wealth of knowledge on how to grow and harvest blueberries in Spokane. Lauri will teach on which varieties to choose, how to amend your soil, how to plant your bushes, pruning tips, and a few recommendations for harvesting. She will answer all your questions about blueberries! Lauri has been growing blueberries for 10 years and her farm offers u-pick during blueberry season in July through early September. See more info here:

Special plant SALE for this class! For this class and throughout our opening month of April, we will have a blueberry shipment of plants from Oregon Blueberry farm and the varieties that Lauri recommends. The plants will be $12 each for Chandler and Duke varieties and $15.00 for Calypso in a 1 gallon pot. We will also be featuring Espoma Acidic soil conditioner at a sale price during her class! 

$15 per person saves your spot for the class. Please purchase a ticket, which allows us to manage the attendance. If we have more interest in the class, we will add additional classes.

Class is located the Rosarium Studio:

9405 S. Williams Lane, Spokane WA 99224