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Cecile Brunner

You may order this rose anytime and pick it up at the garden center when we open in April. We do not ship our roses. 

A large growing rose with small light pink, hybrid tea-shaped blooms. Often known as the "Sweetheart Rose". Intense fragrance, usually profuse bloom in spring with a few blooms during the rest of the season. I would be sure to plant this rose where it has some protection from the wind and weather. It has proven to be a bit tender here in our zone 5 windy prairie garden but we are going to try planting it again in a protected area of the garden. If you like this cute pink bloom but your garden won't allow for Cecile I would take a look at Jeannie Lajoie. She is delicate looking but a tough girl. 

  • Climbing Rose/Polyantha/ France before 1880
  • Can be a large rose, 18 Feet Tall X 10 Feet Wide
  • Repeat Bloom
  • Strong Fragrance
  • 1894
  • Zone 5b to 9
  • 4 X 6 inch pot (own-root) available in mid-May