Rosarium Garden Center Fertilizer

Order your fertilizer anytime but you will need to pickup at the garden center. We always have a good supply so pick up our fertilizer when you shop the garden center. We do not ship this product. 

Our fertilizer is a custom blend of 7 ingredients that we have been mixing for 25 years here at the Rosarium. Originally the recipe was create by the owner who was a chemistry teacher. He took the nutritional needs of roses and matched it to a fertilizer that we use in our own garden to this day. 

Along with a good soil amendment or compost and 1/2 cup fertilizer for planting a new rose or 1 or more cups of fertilizer mixed in around the base of an existing rose you will have good success with your roses. 

We use our fertilizer on our roses, hydrangea, shrubs, perennials and our entire garden. For the last two years I have used it when planting our tomatoes and even in our pumpkin patch with great success. Last year we added a 1/2 cup to each Dahlia bulb hole when we planted and did not fertilize again. We highly recommend our formulation for all of your garden plants.  

20 cups for $24.95

2 cup starter bag $5.00