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Florentina® (KORtranelio)

Place an order for this rose only if you are able to pickup at the garden center. If you are wanting a rose shipped to your location please go to www.northlandrosarium.com

A new climber from the Arborose Series at the Kordes company. Vigorous and winter-hardy with old-fashioned blooms of bright red. A prolifically blooming rose that can be grown in a container.  Excellent resistance to blackspot and powdery mildew.  Moderate fragrance with nice upright growth. We are very pleased with this rose in our garden, even in its first year.  It was vigorous and bloomed throughout the entire season. 

  • Climber/Shrub
  • 7 Feet High X 3 Feet Wide 
  • Continuous Bloom
  • Moderate Fragrance
  • Zone 5
  • 4 X 6 inch pot